BUS #2 Route
Mark Pennabaker
Tuesday, November 13, 2018

To: Parents of students riding Bus #2’s Route to and from school.

Re: Route and Time Change

With the recent completion of the bridge and road construction project from Sunnyside Rd, leading to Imlertown Rd, Bus 2 will be returning to the original scheduled route.  When students return from Thanksgiving Vacation, November 27, 2018 bus 2 will start the route at the Int. Roxbury Rd/ Dibert Rd.  The approximate time at Int. Roxbury Rd/Dibert Rd will be 6:55 am.

If you have any questions or would like an approximate time when you can expect the bus to stop for your child/ children in the morning, please call the BASD Transportation Office at 623-4223. After the first couple of days the morning bus schedule will be fairly consistent with a reliable and regular pick up time.