Welcome to Bedford Area Middle School.Our goal is to provide students with a wide array of opportunities and experiences in an effort to provide for social, intellectual, and emotional growth.The following information will help make the reader familiar with the building and procedures used in the day-to-day operation of the school.Please read the manual carefully for it contains the answers to most of the questions and concerns we expect that you might wish to ask.For further questions, please feel free to stop in the school office, we will do our best to answer them or we will direct you to where you can get an answer.The middle school faculty and administration will do everything we can to provide students with a quality education and a successful school year.


1.Open Doors

Students who wish to eat breakfast may enter the building at 7:45 AM.Halls and classrooms will open for general student traffic at 8:00 AM.Those students who ride a bus to school should exit the bus in front of the middle school and come directly into the school.All students should enter the building through the front doors, report to his/her locker to pick up materials for morning classes, and then report to first period class.A warning bell will ring at 8:12 AM reminding students that they should be in their first period class or on their way there.At 8:15 AM a bell will ring to start first period class.

All outside entrance doors to the building will be locked shortly after the students arrive in an effort to safely secure the building.If you come to the building during the school day, you must use the far left entrance door in the group of doors at the main entrance to enter the building.Once there, someone will greet you and allow you to enter the office to secure a pass.

2.Opening Exercises

The flag salute and reading of the daily bulletin for the days school activities will take place during first period class.If a student chooses not to participate in the flag salute, he/she will stand in respectful silence and his/her guardian will be notified of the refusal in writing.

If a class or school organization wishes to have an announcement made, the written announcement should be submitted on the form available to the office on the day before it is to be published and read.

3.Change of Classes

Students will have three minutes to change classes.Movement through the halls should be orderly with everyone staying to the right.Hallway discussions are to be quiet enough so as not to disturb nearby classes.There is never to be any running, shoving, or pushing in the hallways.


School will dismiss at approximately 3:07 P.M. daily.All students are to exit the front doors of the building at the end of the day.Students walking home should be careful around the automobile and bus traffic.All students without special permission and coach or teacher supervision must leave the building at dismissal.

5.Master Bell Schedule

7:45-Cafeteria Open for Breakfast

7:55-Halls Open for Students

8:12-Warning Bell

8:15- 9:00Period 1 - Attendance/Announcements

9:03- 9:43Period 2

9:46- 10:26Period 3

10:29-11:09Period 4



11:39-12:19Period 5SIXTH GRADE

12:22-1:02Period 6


11:12-11:52Period 5

11:52-12:22LunchSEVENTH GRADE

12:22-1:02Period 6


11:12-11:52Period 5

11:55-12:35Period 6EIGHTH GRADE



1:05- 1:45Period 7

1:48-2:28Period 8

2:31-3:06Period 9ANNOUNCEMENTS



If a student is injured in any way during the school day, including the bus ride to and from school, they should notify the general office immediately and medical attention will be given.

2.Advisory/Technology Period

Students will be scheduled one period each day to meet with their teacher advisor or work on assignments for other classes.This time could also be used for character education, library visitation, remedial tutoring, and various other activities.

3.Assembly Programs

Assembly programs will be held periodically at Bedford Middle School.Students are reminded that there are various types of assembly programs.Some require enthusiastic behavior while others, such as concerts, require a more refined atmosphere.The number of assembly programs will depend on the students’ ability to conduct themselves appropriately.


Bedford Middle School maintains a Junior High Interscholastic athletic program.Most games, matches, and practices will be held at the middle school while some practices and games may be held at the high school.Most junior high athletes will practice immediately after school.The sports available for this year will be as follow:

BOYS - Football, Wrestling, Basketball, Baseball, Track, Cross Country, Soccer

GIRLS - Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Track, Cross Country, Soccer

The PIAA junior high athletic programs are for students in grade 7, 8 and 9 while an Intramural Program through Parks & Recreation is available for 6th graders and 7th graders not assigned to participate at the junior high level.


Attendance in school is critically important to the learning process.Teacher comments, peer interaction, cooperative learning activities and self-expression are all valuable components of education.These can only be mastered through continuous and regular school attendance.

Compulsory attendance as defined in 1326 of the Pennsylvania School Code begins when a student enters school or at the age of 8 years until the age of 17.Please note according to a 2013 Commonwealth Court ruling, any student who is younger than 8 and begins schooling will also be held to Pennsylvania Compulsory Attendance. During that time students must attend school regularly.

When students are absent from school, a written excuse signed by the parent/guardian must be submitted to the school office upon return or within three days.A failure to submit the excuse within three days will result in the days being deemed illegally absent.

Absences will be considered legal absences if the excuse is for one of the following reasons:


2)Death in the Family

3)Religious Holiday


5)Impassable Roads


7)Educational Trips and Tours

8)Required Court Appearances

9)Recovery from Accident

10) Other Urgent Family Reasons (Approved by the Principal)

Students are responsible for making up all work missed during their absence.It is the responsibility of the student to make arrangements for making up the work missed within three days of their return to school.If a student’s absence extends beyond three days, the school office will get homework assignments and have them available in the office for someone to pick up if requested by the parent or guardian.

No students are permitted to leave the school during the school day without permission granted from the general office.

ATTENDANCE POLICY FOR STUDENTS UNDER 15 YEARS OLD:After 10 days of absences, which are not excused by a doctor, parents will be advised that all subsequent absences after the 10th day of absence must be accompanied by a physician's excuse or the absence will be considered unlawful.

Illegal absences will be considered Unlawful when a student is of compulsory attendance age.Within 10 school days of the third unlawful day of absence, the school will notify parents or guardians in writing that the student is truant.This notice will include a description of the consequences if the student becomes habitually truant.If the student continues to be truant after the written notice is issued, the school must offer in writing a school attendance improvement conference to discuss and attempt to improve attendance.

If the student becomes habitually truant, 6 or more unlawful days, the school must refer the child to either: (1) a school-based or community-based attendance improvement program or (2) the county children and youth agency (CYS) for services or possible disposition as a dependent child under the Juvenile Act. Additionally, the school may file a citation against the parent of a habitually truant child under fifteen (15) in a magisterial district court.

ATTENDANCE POLICY FOR STUDENTS 15 AND OLDER:After 10 days of absences, which are not excused by a doctor, parents will be advised that all subsequent absences after the 10th day of absence must be accompanied by a physician's excuse or the absence will be considered illegal.

Absences will be considered Illegal Absences if they are not for any of the legal reasons or are beyond the 10th day for secondary students without a physician’s excuse or if an excuse is not submitted upon his/her return to school or within three days.

Illegal absences will be considered Unlawful when a student is of compulsory attendance age.Within 10 school days of the third unlawful day of absence, the school will notify parents or guardians in writing that the student is truant.This notice will include a description of the consequences if the student becomes habitually truant.If the student continues to be truant after the written notice is issued, the school must offer in writing a school attendance improvement conference to discuss and attempt to improve attendance.

If the student becomes habitually truant, 6 or more unlawful days, the school must either: (1) refer the child to a school-based or community-based attendance improvement program or (2) file a citation against the student or parent in a magisterial district court. If the child incurs additional absences after a school refers that child to an attendance improvement program or refuses to participate in an attendance improvement program, the school may refer the child to the local CYS agency for possible disposition as a dependent child.

AppointmentsStudents who have appointments during the school day must submit a request signed by the parent/guardian to the office for permission to leave the building.Requests must be submitted and approved prior to the student being permitted to leave.Students are expected to return to school after appointments, if time is remaining in the school day.

Excuses for absence, tardiness and appointments must be signed by the student's parent or legal guardian, regardless of the student's age, unless the student has been formally declared an emancipated minor through legal action.

Half Day Absences

A student that arrives at school more than one hour after the start of school, or leaves more than one hour before the end of school, will be considered absent for 1/2 day and must provide an excuse for the absence.If a student fails to provide a written excuse after returning to school, those days missed will be considered unlawful at the end of the third day.Excuses should be turned into the office.The school will make an attempt to remind students who have not provided an excuse by the third day following an absence.However, in every case, it is the responsibility of the student and parent to attend to the writing of the excuse.Reminding students is a courtesy on the part of the school and should not be considered the responsibility of the school

Tardy for School

Part of every student’s responsibility is to be at school on time.Unfortunately circumstances do arise that cause us all to be late.We at the school understand this; however, there must be limitations.No disciplinary action will be taken until a student is tardy for school (not in class at the beginning of first period) for the third time during the year.The following sanctions will be imposed based upon the frequency of a students’ tardiness to school.

After 3rd tardy per school year:1 detention

After 6th tardy per school year:2 detentions

After 9th tardy per school year: 3 detentions & ½ day unlawful absence from school

After every 3 subsequent tardies per school year: 1 day in-school suspension & ½ day unlawful absence from school

Tardy for Class

Being on time is an important habit to develop.Along with three minutes to change classes comes the responsibility for students to arrive to classes on time.For those students who are continually late to class, the following disciplinary actions will be imposed.

5-9 tardies to class after previous social:Exclusion from ½ of the next social or 2 lunch detentions (if already excluded from the social for other infractions).

10 or more tardies after previous social:Exclusion from the entire next social or 4 lunch detentions (if already excluded from the social for other infractions).

Continual disregard of the above consequences may result in further disciplinary actions.


Awards for academic excellence, athletics, cheerleading, and personal accomplishments will be issued at an Awards Assembly or some other celebratory gathering.


The Bedford Middle School provides instrumental instruction to students in the 6th, 7th and 8th grade during the school day. Those students progressing adequately present a Christmas and Spring Concert.Students are expected to provide instruments and supplies like reeds, valve oil and drum sticks; however, the school will furnish some of the more expensive instruments.


Students have been guaranteed certain rights by the student's rights and responsibilities policy; however, with these rights must go certain responsibilities.One of these is the obligation each student has to act in a responsible manner in the school cafeteria.Each student has the right and privilege to a breakfast/lunch period where he or she can relax and enjoy his/her meal.Irresponsible behavior such as throwing food or pushing and shoving infringes upon the rights of those trying to enjoy their meal.Students who cannot assume their responsibilities may lose their privilege of eating in the dining area as part of the student body.They will eat their meals in a designated area of the cafeteria.If this still does not result in appropriate behavior, students will be excluded from the dining area.Students are reminded that if someone at the table is causing a problem, it is their responsibility to report that student to the supervisor or be prepared to be penalized as part of the disruptive group.

Students who wish to make any purchases in the cafeteria must use their student I.D. number.If a student wishes to purchase ala carte items, that student must make a deposit into his or her account.Deposits should be made into students' accounts from 7:45 AM to 8:13 AM any morning in the cafeteria.This shortens the time students will have to stand in the meal line.Students arriving at school late may make deposits during their lunch shift.All money given to the cashier during the lunchtime will be deposited into the students account. no change will be given while waiting in the lunch line. Deposits may also be made using the online payment portal.Please call the Food Service office at 814-623-4235 for more information.

All checks returned to the Food Service Department by the bank for non-sufficient funds will be charged a $20 fee.When a check is returned, the person will be notified in writing and given a reasonable length of time to pay the check value and fee in the Food Service Office.If no response is made, a second notice will be sent by certified mail.In the event there is still no response, the check will be turned over to the District’s collection agency.

Refunds from student meal accounts will be made only when a student withdraws from the district, upon graduation, or written request from the parent or guardian.A signature is required upon receipt of any refunds.All other student account balances will remain in their account for use the following school term.


Chorus classes at Bedford Middle School are available to all 6th, 7th & 8th grade students who have a sincere interest and a desire to sing.These students will participate in an evening Christmas and Spring Concert.

10.Conflict Resolution Program

Students who encounter a problem with another student, or who feel there is a need for the administration to be aware of a problem in our school, are encouraged to complete a conflict resolution form in the office.The goal of this program is to assist students in solving issues before they escalate into major problems.

11.Field Trips

Students participating on field trips should remember that they are representing Bedford Middle School.All school rules and regulations must be adhered to while on the trip.Students should follow the instructions of the teacher in charge to insure a safe and successful learning experience.Parent permission slips and student medical information sheets must be completed before students will be permitted to attend.A student’s privilege to attend a field trip may be denied by the principal based on previous school behaviors and other criteria set forth by the School Board.

The following procedures have been adopted by the Board of Education.

School related activities requiring district-owned or contracted buses and vehicles to transport students must be approved by the principal and superintendent.

Teachers, coaches, and/or chaperons are to accompany students on all school-sponsored trips and activities.

The number of chaperons and/or teachers accompanying the students will be a minimum of 1 adult for every 15 students.

12.Fire Alarm

A sign will be posted in each room indicating the proper way to exit the building from that location.When the alarm sounds, follow the directions of the teachers and leave the building in an orderly manner.Students should remain with their group after leaving the school so they can be accounted for by the teacher.State mandates require a practice alarm be conducted every month.If the fire alarm sounds during class change, or during lunch, students should evacuate the building using the nearest exit.Once outside they are to report to their homeroom teacher at designated locations.


Guidance services are available for every student in the school.This service includes help in scheduling of classes, occupational and career information and help with classroom study problems.Also, the counselor will try to help with social and family concerns if students feel the need to talk with someone.Remember, your counselor can be very helpful, don't hesitate to make an appointment.

14.Hazing / Bullying Policy

Hazing and Bullying will not be tolerated in the Bedford Area School District.Any student involved with hazing or bullying at school or as part of an extra-curricular activity will be dealt with as having violated sections of the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook.The violation will be considered harassment and appropriate charges may be filed.School disciplinary action will be taken which might include removal of the perpetrator(s) eligibility to participate in extra-curricular activities by the principal.

15.Honor Roll

Students will be named to the honor roll when all the grades issued for the grading period are A's, B's, C’s, and A's and P’s and the grade point average is 3.0 or greater.A special certificate will be issued to all students achieving the final grade honor roll.

16.Grades/Report Cards

The subject teacher will determine grades.Students that work hard, do their homework, and are prepared for each day's classes will not have to worry about grades; they will take care of themselves.Report cards at Bedford Middle School will be issued at the end of each grading period.Academic core subjects will receive an A, B, C, D, or F and/or percentage grade while exploratory subjects (Music, Art, Industrial Technology, Family Consumer Science, Physical Education, and Health) an O, S or U grade.Students who have not been able to complete their work by the end of the grading period due to extenuating circumstances will be issued an "I" (incomplete) grade.This work must be completed by the end of the next grading period or the "I" is changed to a failing grade.In the case where the "I" occurs at the end of the year the work must be made up within two (2) weeks.

The grading scales are as follows:

93% - 100%A SuperiorAAdvanced

83% -92%B Above Average, GoodPProficient

73% -82%C AverageNNeeds Improvement

65% -72%D Below Average, PoorIIncomplete

Below 65%FFailing

17.Promotion Procedures

Any student who fails two (2) academic core subjects for the year may be retained in that grade.


Our Library is a modern educational facility designed to benefit all students.It is an area of the building set aside for research, exploration, and personal enrichment.Students must respect the equipment and reading materials and preserve an atmosphere appropriate for learning.


Students will be assigned a locker that becomes their responsibility.The locker should be kept neat and orderly to protect both the books and the locking mechanism.It is advisable for students to only use their lockers sparingly to avoid being tardy to class. In any case, the locker is owned by Bedford Area School District and not the private property of the student to whom it is assigned.It is recommended that items of value such as personal electronic devices not be brought to school.

All book bags, backpacks, etc. and coats are to be kept in the locker during the school day.These items are not permitted in the classroom and are not permitted to be carried through the hallways during the day.

20.Lost and Found

The lost and found department is located in the cafeteria.All items in lost and found must be claimed by the last day of each month or they will be discarded.


The school nurse may not dispense medication to a student without the consent of the parent.Since many students require medication that must be taken during the day, parents are asked to send the necessary amount with dispensing instructions to the school nurse.All medication must be registered with the nurse.Students are not permitted to take medication under any other procedures without prior arrangements between the parents and the school nurse or principal.

22.Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices

Students are not permitted to use cell phones or any other personally owned electronic devices during school hours except with permission of the principal.If these items are used during school hours, they will be confiscated.Disciplinary action may be taken under the heading of “Unacceptable Behavior”.

23.Schedule Changes

All requests for schedule changes will be handled through the guidance office and must be approved by the principal.

24. Roller Blading, Skate Boarding, Etc.

The Board of Education of the Bedford Area School District has passed a policy prohibiting roller blading, skate boarding and any other similar activities on all school property.Persons caught violating this policy may be prosecuted.


A social in the Middle School consists of a variety of activities being available.The gymnasiums, library, cafeteria and LGIA will be open for various activities.A Middle School Social is not at all like a high school dance, but instead, a variety of activities to involve all students.Only current Bedford Middle School students are permitted to attend these socials unless the principal grants permission in advance.Students that have been suspended in or out of school or assigned Saturday school because of disciplinary infractions will not be permitted to attend the next scheduled social.

Parents are responsible for transporting students to and from socials when they occur outside of school time.During an evening social, students are required to sign in when they enter the building and may not return once they leave.The school will not be responsible for students who do not enter or once they have left the building.The school maintains the right to immediately contact parents of students who they know have left the social before the end time.


All visitors must report to the general office immediately upon entering the building. A visitor’s pass will be issued at the main office and must be displayed when in the building.Students are not permitted to bring a non-school friend for the day without clearance through the principal's office in advance.

27.Student Dress

Students are expected to dress in an appropriate manner for school.Hats, bandanas, tank-tops, and mid-drift shirts are not permitted.Shorts should be of appropriate length (finger- tip) and under garments should never be visible.All piercings, make- up, and hair coloring should be kept to a moderate level as to not distract from the educational process.Flip- flops are permitted but are not to be worn during gym classes due to safety concerns.