Welcome back to a new year of school! It is a wonderful opportunity for all to have a chance to start fresh and grow. This year we will be focusing on Grit. Grit is that ability to just keep going passionately, growing from mistakes with perseverance, and being dedicated and committed to excelling. This District believes in Grit, Guts and Growth. Excellence will grow from those values. To promote growth the District is embarking on a quest we have called Bedford2020. It is an incremental plan to have a completely visible integrated technology-based curriculum with a very special senior year and a K-12 social and emotional curriculum by the year 2020. It is an aggressive goal and will take time. It will grow and modify as we build a better District for you and your children. I am proud to begin my seventh year as the Superintendent of THE Bedford Area School District. Wherever I may roam in the future, I will forever be a Bison and will always be proud of the Bisons.

Dr. Allen Sell