"Rigorous relevant learning in a convenient flexible schedule."

The Bedford Area School District believes that student learning is not confined to the classroom or the school day. Opportunities for learning in today’s technologically connected world can be available at all times of the day and delivered in a variety of modes. The District also understands the desire of some students and parents to pursue an educational route that could be considered non-traditional but is becoming more prevalent as technology continues to improve. In an effort to create a culture of educational opportunity within the legal entitlement of a public school education, the Bedford Area School District has created a variety of virtual learning opportunities for students. Many of these courses take place in an on-line forum and can be accessed from any internet connection. It is the intention of the District to offer these on-line options for students while ensuring the quality and integrity of curriculum. Ideally, every student living in the Bedford Area School District will find an opportunity to complete a rigorous and relevant education within the relationship that a community school provides.

The Bedford Area School District’s Virtual Academy provides opportunities for students to enroll in online courses offered by Edgenuity, The Virtual High School, Lincoln Learning Solutions, and our own School District teachers. This provides our Virtual Academy with a huge network of available coursework and the technology to deliver the curriculum to students.