I sit quietly and alone in my office as I write this message. We are in an unprecedented situation. School is happening in a different way for an unknown period of time. The COVID-19 outbreak changed how we look at many things. This is certainly a situation to take very seriously as our leaders are urging us. As a school we were asked to close our physical doors to help curb the spread of the virus which is highly contagious and very dangerous to some populations. Every one of us has someone we love in our life who is high risk for complications. It is our responsibility to protect those at risk. The Bedford Area School District is pleased to have technology and curriculum delivery systems in place to allow us to continue a basic education for all children in this time of crisis. Please remain aware of our periodic updates and news items for more details and current information. We are constantly adjusting our response based on the parameters given to us by the various government agencies we are affiliated with. We will continue to make decisions for the best interest of children and community based on the best information we have at the time.

Please help us as a community to protect children by reassuring them life will return to normalcy, but also help them to learn how our country has always reacted to and conquered adversity—from world wars, an energy crisis, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, and many other situations. We are a resilient and resourceful people who are at our best when we work together to help each other to survive and thrive. Show our children how our calm and courage, coupled with informed decision making, created the most powerful and yet humane country in history. Stay safe and God bless you all.

Dr. Allen Sell