Primary: Respect means treating others as you would like to be treated.

Intermediate: Respect means treating people with consideration and courtesy to develop positive relationships and live productive lives.


• Respect Yourself
• Respect Others
• Respect Property
• Respect Environment
• Obey Rules
• Be Attentive
• Understand Individual Differences/Be Tolerant
• Use Manners
• Listen
• Follow Directions
• Be Honest
• Be Punctual

Compassion and Empathy

Primary: Compassion/Empathy means being kind and thoughtful toward others with an understanding of their feelings and needs.

Intermediate: Compassion/Empathy means understanding, being aware of, and being sensitive to both feelings and thoughts of others.

• Identify and Communicate Feelings
• Make and Keep Friends262612
• Understand Individual differences
• Cooperate
• Be a Good Listener
• Use Good Sportsmanship
• Share
• Be - caring, kind, helpful, patient, fair, sincere, polite, trustworthy


Primary: Responsibility is being dependable and making good choices.

Intermediate: Responsibility is the demonstration of accountability by choosing to act with self control and consideration for others.

• Following Directions
• Listen
45645645 • Be Organized
• Be Prepared
• Clean Up
• Make Good Choices
• Use Problem Solving Skills
• Do Your Best
• Take Care of Things
• Set Goals
• Be a Good Citizen
• Show Integrity
• Show Independence
• Preserve Environment
• BE…accountable, dependable, truthful, trustworthy


Primary: Perseverance is doing your best by working hard and not giving up.

Intermediate: Perseverance is being self directed and willing to take risk, in order to reach goals and overcome opposition.

• Use Self Discipline5646454
• Set Appropriate Goals
• Stay on Task - “Stick to It.”
• Complete The Task
• Think Ahead
• Set a Steady Pace
• Believe in Yourself
• Show Determination
• Develop a Sense of Humor
• Use Assertiveness Wisely
• BE…creative, curious, patient, courageous