What is SAP?

Our Student Assistance Program (SAP) helps Bedford Elementary students overcome barriers to learning. It is designed as an intervention program to help direct and access school and community resources. Our program integrates a process of information gathering and referral through a core team of school community personnel with parent consent and support.

Signs and Symptoms which can pose barriers to Learning:

  • Bullying
  • Change in behavior or mood (easily upset, sad, angry, secretive, and fighting)
  • Drop in grades, not completing homework, skipping school
  • Change in friends or appearance
  • Physical problems such as fatigue, weight gain/loss, change in sleep patterns, headaches
  • Defiance of rules at home or school
  • Expressing hopelessness, helplessness, worthlessness
  • Alcohol or drug use, misuse of medication
  • Personal stressors such as divorce, parent job loss

How does SAP Work?

  • SAP is conducted on a voluntary basis
  • Students may be referred by school administrators, teachers and staff; parents and family; fellow students and self.
  • The SAP Team reviews all referrals and information begins to be collected confidentially to assess needs.
  • Parents are contacted. SAP is strictly voluntary and the team will only proceed with parent consent.
  • If parental consent is given, the team will begin to work with family to develop an action plan to help the student.
  • The team will monitor the progress and make changes if needed to help the student.

What is the parent’s role?

Parent involvement strengthens the decision making process about any behavior that is effecting the education, safety or welfare of their child. Active parent support of the SAP progam promotes student success. When parents are involved, informed, and supportive, students are more likely to benefit from SAP recommendations.

What is the SAP Policy regarding confidentiality?

Confidentiality between all parties involved in the SAP process shall be respected and maintained in the best interest of the student and in accordance with all laws protecting the privacy rights of parents and students.

Who Do I Contact?

Call 814-623-4221

Bedford Elementary SAP Team Members:

Mrs. Bortz, School Counselor

Mrs. Livengood, School Nurse

Ms. Turkovich, Principal

Mr. Trimeloni, Assistant Principal

Mrs. DiPasquale, Reading Specialist

Mr. May, 5th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Sellers, 3rd Grade Teacher