Tomorrow January 13th will begin the second semester at Bedford High School. Students will begin new courses. Beginning a course virtually can be a challenge, so our staff created short welcome videos that explain a bit about their courses and a few tips to be successful. If you click on the teachers name (or the name of the course if the teacher created multiple videos) the videos should play. Good luck in your second semester courses!

Mr. Doug Alexander

Mr. Dan Baker

Physical Education

Drivers Ed

Mrs. Sarah Bordi

Mrs. Yvonne Bowser

Mrs. Carol Brallier

Mr. Sam Carroll

Mr. Brian Creps


Environmental Science

Mrs. Michele Fisher

Mr. Todd Hoover

Ms. Codie Howard

Mrs. Stefanie Kensinger

Mr. Brad Lantz

Mrs. Kelsey Lantz

Mrs. Carrie Leap

Mr. Michael Milanak

Ms. Amanda Miller

Mr.David Miller

Mrs. Laine Mish

Mr. Patrick Neff



Mr. Doug Pauley

Mrs. Mariann Redinger

Mr. Stephen Rodgers

Mrs. Deb Rose

Ms. Laura Scheeler

Mr. Barrett Schrock

Algebra I

Computer Science

Mrs. Patti Steinbuch

Mr. Wes Swaim

Physical Education


Mrs. Carrie Taylor

Mrs. Tracy Taylor

Mr. Chris Turner

Mrs. Tiffany Ulanowicz

Mrs. Vicky Williams