FOR PARENTS AND SENIORS this section will answer questions that may arise during the school year. Remember—relax! Questions will be answered and much more information will be provided throughout the course of the year. Students will be notified through their homerooms, announcements, and hand-outs. Check this webpage periodically to see what’s new on the graduation front.

How do I order graduation announcements, class rings, and yearbooks?

Senior announcement information and order forms will be distributed in first period classes in March. Orders will be taken in the cafeteria during lunches at the end of March. If you wish, you may also order announcements from another supplier or create and print your own.

Purchasing any merchandise is optional.

BHS Supplier is:  Balfour Company www.balfour.com

Yvette Harrison, Balfour representative Yvette.harrison@balfour_rep.com

Directions For Choosing Your Senior Yearbook Photo:

Open a browser and go to www.proofmyclass.com

User Name: Bedford

User Password: 111402senior

Once Logged in:

1. Click on the first student in the list

2. Scroll through their images

3. Once you have chosen the image(s) you would like as the yearbook pose(s) click the ‘Edit’ button next to the pose(s).

4. Change their grade from ‘12’ to ‘Yearbook Pose’.

* If a student selected their pose online, the pose they selected will have ‘Student Choice’ in the grade field. You must change it to ‘Yearbook Pose’ so that I know to put it on the CD.

5. Then click ‘Save’ to the right of the students’ info

* Any image that has ‘Yearbook Pose’ for the grade will be put onto the Yearbook CD produced for the school.

6. Once you are through with a student you MUST click ‘Approve Batch’ at the top of the screen.

* You will notice that the student will now be highlighted green and their status will say ‘Approved by Bedford High School.

7. Continue steps 2-6 for each student listed.

If you will have more than 1 computer logged in at a time please let me know so that I can set you up with more usernames/passwords.

Once the yearbook pose has been selected for every student and they have all been approved (highlighted green), Strawbridge Studios will be notified via email and will begin processing the disk. If you have any questions or problems I would be happy to assist you.

How do I get my cap and gown?

Caps, gowns, and tassels will be ordered for you. There is no charge and you get to keep them. They will be distributed during graduation practice at the end of the year.  



Graduation will be held at Bedford High School, on the football field, beginning at 7:00 p.m. In case of rain, the ceremony will be held the same day in the BHS gymnasium.  

Admission to graduation is by TICKET ONLY.  Tickets will be distributed with caps and gowns. The number of tickets seniors will receive is determined by the class size.

Be sure you have returned all books, completed all obligations, submitted your Senior Survey to the Guidance Office, and paid all school bills. *Diplomas and Graduation Tickets will be withheld for any senior who has not met all obligations.*


Baccalaureate is traditionally held on the Sunday prior to graduation.

An Honors Banquet will be held to recognize those who have excelled academically. Admission is by invitation only.

Yearbooks will be distributed at the “Sup n’ Sign.” Food will be provided while you have the opportunity to sign yearbooks.