• If you are riding on a school bus, students should wear a mask and follow the directions of the driver who will attempt to seat students in family groups when boarding the bus. If social distancing between family groups is possible, the driver will direct students to remove their masks.
  • When students arrive at BHS to begin the 2020-21 school year, they will enter through either the front or the rear of the cafeteria. The doors will open at 7:35a.m.
  • Students may pick up a pre-packaged breakfast while walking through the cafeteria on their way to their locker. Typically students would be permitted to linger in the cafeteria before their period 1 class, but students will not be permitted to do so this year.
  • After getting their books/materials from their locker they should report to their first class of the day. Students will not be permitted to ‘hang out’ in the hallways.
  • Students should wear masks while in the hallways. If students are moving, they should assume they need a mask. MOVEMENT = MASK
  • At the end of the school day, students will be able to access their locker before leaving the building. Whether students walk, get picked up, drive themselves, or ride a bus they should keep moving towards their next destination. When their bus arrives in the parking lot, they will be directed to board immediately.


  • Students who are starting their school year at home on August 20th, should visit Schoology and follow the directions from each of their teachers.
  • The district pushed a shortcut to a web browser version of Schoology on the iPad. This shortcut will look identical to the previous app, but will allow students to utilize features unavailable in the app. Students should log in using their Google account. We believe this shortcut will be a great upgrade.
  • As we begin the school year in the hybrid model, students at home should assume they have work to complete/review while at home. The rigor will certainly be increased this year.
  • Students’ learning will not necessarily occur at the same time period as it would when they are at school. For example, a student who has Algebra II period 1 does not need to log into Schoology at the same exact time that period 1 would start at BHS. It is our expectation however, that students log in daily and complete assignments to the best of their ability.
  • Communication is very good. Please communicate so teachers can assist.
  • Procrastination is very bad. Do not start thinking you can just do ‘double tomorrow’ because tomorrow never comes.
  • Even if you did not attend school in person, you may still attend practices and events occurring after school.


  • As we have done in the past with significant school events, the high school’s intention will always be to postpone rather than to simply cancel. With this in mind, the Homecoming Dance and accompanying Spirit Week will be postponed to a later date. The school will communicate the future date when it is determined.

BELL SCHEDULE for 2020-2021 School Year

  • When students look at their schedule for 2020-21 school year, students will have some courses that are 85 minute periods in length and others courses that are 41 minutes in length. Courses that are 85 minutes are worth one credit, while periods that are 41 minutes are worth one half credit. There are a few courses that such as Band and AP Calculus that occur all year. The vast majority of courses are one semester in length. If you have specific questions, please ask your counselor or school administration.
Period 1 8:15 – 9:40am
1A 8:15 – 8:56am
1B 8:59 – 9:40am
Period 2 9:43 – 11:08am
2A 9:43 – 10:24am
2B 10:27 – 11:08am
Period 3 11:11 – 11:41am
Period 4 11:44 – 12:14pm
Period 5 12:17 – 1:42pm
5A 12:17 – 12:58pm
5B 1:01 – 1:42pm
Period 6 1:45 – 3:10pm
6A 1:45 – 2:26pm
6B 2:29 – 3:10pm