Happy Groundhog Day


What is Groundhog Job Shadow Day?

Groundhog Job Shadow Day is an initiative to engage students in the “world of work”.

Job shadowing is a nationwide effort where hundreds of thousands of students from across the United States will have an opportunity to shadow a workplace mentor as that worker goes through a normal day on the job.

 Students will get an up-close look at how the skills they learn in school are put into action in the workplace.

Who are the organizers?

Groundhog Job Shadow Day 2023 is the joint effort of a coalition composed of America’s Promise--The Alliance for Youth, The National School-to-Work Opportunities Office, Junior Achievement, and The American Society of Association Executives.

How does job shadowing help students?

Job shadowing demonstrates the real connection between academics and careers, thus making students’ class work more relevant.  Job shadowing benefits our young people, our schools and our businesses/industries by building partnerships between schools and industries that enhance the educational experiences of all students.


Who is eligible?

All eighth grade students at Bedford Middle School are encouraged to participate on Thursday, February 2nd, 2023.

Who can be shadowed?

In order to avoid transportation problems and to diminish confusion at local businesses and industries, our eighth graders will be allowed to job shadow either a parent or a responsible adult over the age of twenty-one, if approved by the parent(s).  Due to HIPPA and confidentiality issues, UPMC-Bedford Memorial is requiring that students who job shadow at the hospital be related to the person they are job shadowing; it is also up to the discretion of UPMC-Bedford Memorial if a student will be allowed to job shadow in a certain department.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
NOTE:  It is the responsibility of the PARENT (S) to arrange for the shadowing experience at their place of business or at the place of business of the adult who will be responsible for the student’s experience.  

Dress Code: 

Students are expected to dress the part for the job they are shadowing.  If a student is shadowing someone in a professional setting, they should dress professionally.  Students should keep in mind that they are representing their family and Bedford Middle School while they are job shadowing in our community.  

How will the program be implemented?

Students will receive detailed instructions about the program, including what behaviors are expected of our students while at their individual job sites.

Students will be provided a Job Questionnaire, which they must complete at their job site and turn in to Mr. Rose.  The Questionnaire will be used as a piece of career evidence required by the state.  Students who do not job shadow will be given an alternative assignment to save as evidence.

Follow-up activities will include small group discussions about students’ experiences while on-the-job and opportunities to write thank you letters to those people who gave their time to help our students.

How will excuses be handled?

Parents will need to complete this form, listing the job shadow site, phone number, the person the student will shadow, who will be responsible for transportation, whether the student will go directly from home or when the student will be picked up at BMS, and what time the student will return to school on February 2nd--if they do NOT plan to spend the whole school day at the site.

Participants in the Job Shadow Day will be legally excused from BMS on February 2nd.  Please note:  If a Job Shadow site cannot be visited on February 2nd, then a student will be allowed an alternate day to Job Shadow and that day will be a legally excused absence from BMS.  NO MORE THAN ONE DAY MAY BE TAKEN FOR JOB SHADOWING UNLESS AN APPROVED EDUCATIONAL TRIP FORM IS COMPLETED BY A PARENT AND SIGNED BY THE PRINCIPAL IN ADVANCE OF ADDITIONAL DAYS TAKEN FOR SHADOWING.  STUDENTS WHO TAKE EDUCATIONAL TRIPS FOR ADDITIONAL JOB SHADOWING WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL SCHOOL WORK MISSED ON ADDITIONAL DAYS ABSENT FROM BMS.

NOTE:  Those eighth grade students NOT participating in the Job Shadow Day will be expected to attend a full day of school at BMS on February 2nd.  


Please contact Mrs. Rose or Mr. Windows at 623-4200 if you have questions. Permission slips were handed out to all students.  They can also be found on the front table in the lobby.