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Community Stakeholders,

The Bedford Area School District values your support and voice. As many of you are aware, the building project is a source of numerous conversations and incredible public involvement. The Administration appreciates the community’s input and willingness to join the conversation. We ask you to continue your involvement by asking vital questions as we approach a critical phase in the building project. On May 15th, the District will offer a public presentation by EI Associates. During this presentation, EI Associates will provide a comprehensive review of the project with pictures. In an effort to answer the. community’s questions and provide the best presentation possible, we would like you to submit questions to the District using this link Additionally, I ask you to submit all questions by May 6th. After May 6th, the District will terminate the link and provide the questions to EI Associates. I am optimistic that by providing an opportunity for the community to ask questions prior to the presentation, we will maximize time and allow for public comment to center on the merits of the project. Moreover, I will announce the final schedule for May 15th in the near future. At this point, the plan is to offer a tour of the building, a building project presentation, and time for public comment. Please plan to join us for a very important conversation about the future of Bedford High School. If you have any questions regarding this process or the presentation, please contact me at 814-623-4295.

On Behalf of the District,

Thank you

Dr. Paul Ruhlman