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Students, Parents, Grandparents, Staff members, and Community Members,

The Bedford Area School District continues to plan for the future of Bedford High School.  A large building project is often an important milestone in the history of a School District.  Oftentimes, all school district stakeholders experience a variety of feelings about the project.  Many times, those feelings are directly connected to their individual experiences.  For example, if you are a student at the high school on a day the air conditioning or heat is not operating properly, you want a project.  If you are a grandparent who struggles to enter the building or sit in the bleachers, you see merit in the project.  If you are a parent who attends athletic events at other facilities, you may experience a longing for something better at BHS.  If you are a community member without any contact with the building, additional information about the project may be helpful.

As Administrators in the Bedford Area School District, we receive numerous questions from all community members.  Some of the questions are, when is the project going to start?  What is in the project?  Are we getting a new field or a new gym?  Why is the project really necessary, and what is needed? What can we do to help with the project?

Your comments are important!  Your feedback is needed!

In response to the growing questions, the administration scheduled a meeting on May 15th at 7 PM in the auditorium at Bedford High School to discuss the building project.  Additionally, the district will offer tours of Bedford High School before the meeting.  These tours will commence at 5:30 PM at the main office at Bedford High School.

In addition to the building tours, the architects and engineers currently designing the project will provide renderings and detailed information about the building project. This meeting will also give a history of the project and an opportunity for public comment. 

Again, a building project is truly a milestone in the history of a school district.  Since such projects only occur every 30 years, we want to make sound decisions that future students, parents, grandparents, and community members will enjoy and experience with pride.  Your attendance at this meeting is paramount to the public feedback process.  Please plan to attend the meeting and learn about the future of Bedford High School.

Sincerely request your attendance,

Dr. Paul Ruhlman