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BHS Graduation Ceremony Update: What Parents Need to Know

Bedford High School is excited to celebrate the achievements of our graduating students at tonight’s ceremony.  We thank you for your support as we made this decision as close to the event as possible to fulfill the graduates’ wishes to have an outdoor graduation.  Given the forecast, tonight’s ceremony will begin at 9 PM on the football field.   As we look forward to this memorable event, we want to ensure everyone is prepared for a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Important Reminders for Parents, Students, and Special Guests

  • Seniors Report to the Gym at 8 PM:

Seniors should be dressed in their Cap and Gown for their graduation picture.

  • Guests may want to bring a Towel:

While we plan to blow dry the seats, the bleachers and chairs may be damp. A towel may be useful to dry your seats.

  • Wear Appropriate Shoes:

We recommend wearing flat shoes instead of heels, as the field may be soft and wet. This will help ensure safe and comfortable footing throughout the event.

  • Bring Umbrellas:

Although we hope for clear skies, there is always a chance of rain.

We are committed to making this graduation a wonderful and memorable occasion for all. Please plan accordingly and consider these recommendations to help us achieve a smooth and enjoyable celebration. 

Congratulations to the BHS Class of 2024!