Bedford Area School District

The Bedford Area School District would like to inform the community about several recent actions.  On December 9, 2019, the district launched a Facebook Page specifically focused on the renovation project.  You can find the Facebook Page at  We hope this page offers a convenient location to find information about the potential project.

Additionally, the district is sending neighbors a letter explaining the variety of methods to get information.  We realize that like the public in general, neighbors are curious about the potential project and would like to know about what is occurring in the neighborhood. 

Finally, during the design phase, it is necessary to complete several tests to develop a precise project budget.  During the holiday break, a contractor will complete test borings and foundation test pits to develop a greater understanding of the subsoil and existing building structure. 

As always, please visit the district’s website or Facebook page for current information.  For any questions, please call (814) 623-4290.