On April 9, 2020 prior to the Easter break, Governor Wolf announced Pennsylvania Schools will remain closed for the rest of the 2019-2020 school year. As previously stated in our last Q&A, the Bedford Area School District was consciously delaying several decisions in an effort to make the best and most timely decisions possible. The Governor’s announcement on April 9 provided the district with additional information and makes it possible to update the community regarding some ongoing questions. At this point, the district can provide specific information about certain events, but we cannot provide specific information about rescheduling as it is virtually impossible to predict the spread of the virus and subsequent measures necessary to protect the community in the upcoming months. We promise we will announce rescheduling information quickly once we have greater clarity about the spread of the virus and the government’s response. As always, if you have additional questions please email them to us so we can provide responses in future Q&As.

Is participation in education required?

Yes. The Bedford Area School District is providing education and students are expected to participate. If you are experiencing a barrier to accessing education i.e. internet service, please contact your building principal as soon as possible. We promise to work with you to support your child.

Is prom canceled or will it be rescheduled?

The prom scheduled on May 2, 2020 is postponed and will be rescheduled at a later date, hopefully this summer. The district set several goals relative to senior’s cumulating events. We will reschedule whenever possible and we prefer in person events. Therefore, as information about the spread of the virus and the government’s measures to protect the community become clearer in the future, we will announce our plans to reschedule the prom. Additionally, we hear rumors that several “good” hearted individuals or groups are considering plans for the prom. While we appreciate their ideas, we want the community to know the district will announce information about the district’s official prom and if it supporting alternative ideas. At present, the prom is postponed and will reschedule it at a later date.

What is happening with graduation?

Currently, we plan to hold graduation on May 28, 2020 in person. Please know this is completely our best intentions and it is very difficult to predict what the end of May will bring. Additionally, we recognize some students will absolutely need their diplomas in order to work and/or join the military. We will provide these students their diplomas as needed after May 27, 2020 and they are still invited to attend our graduation if we must reschedule graduation.

What is happening with the spring sports season?

The spring sports season is cancelled with no plans to reschedule per the PIAA. How can I retrieve my child’s personal items from school?

Currently, the school buildings are closed and will only open for life essential purposes. Therefore, if your child’s possessions are life essential i.e. relative to education or health, please contact your building principal to schedule a time to retrieve those items. Otherwise, the district will announce times and dates to retrieve personal items after the stay at home order expires. Please be patient w