The Bedford Area School District change to Full-time Virtual Education

The Bedford Area School District thanks everyone for their support throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.   We are sure everyone is aware of the substantial spread of Covid-19 currently occurring in Bedford County.  Yesterday, the district received information about some changes at the state-level, which go into effect on November 30, 2020.  As a result of Covid-19 spread throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the Governor is requiring all school districts to sign an attestation stating districts are following the mask orders and all other associated Department of Health orders.  Additionally, the attestation requires strict adherence to the state’s former recommendations regarding in-person and virtual education depending on county spread and individual school building’s Covid-19 positive rates for students and staff.   The district will sign the mandatory attestation by November 30, 2020, which will change our district’s educational operations.  Again, please know that the attestation is mandatory and refusal to sign would remove the local school district’s decision-making authority.

Effective November 30, 2020, the Bedford Area School District will be virtual for all students until Bedford County is no longer classified as substantial for the level of community transmission.  Also, our individual school building’s Covid-19 positive rates for students and staff must meet the state’s guidelines.  Additionally, the Covid-19 positive rates for students and staff must remain steadily below the state’s guidelines for an appropriate length of time to avoid false starts resulting in rolling closures.  We will continue to update our students, staff, and community as we monitor the spread of Covid-19 and policy changes at the state-level.

Given our staff’s commitment to education as demonstrated last spring and throughout this year’s hybrid model, we will strive to provide your children with the best education possible.  Additionally, we are working on plans to provide expanded opportunities for socialization on the virtual platform.   If you have any educational, technology, and/or other basic needs i.e. food, health or clothes please contact your building administrators.  We are at the schools during normal hours and at home working diligently to support your family during this difficult time.  Please contact us at any time.

We recognize there are questions about the winter sports season and other activities.  As always, we strive for transparency.  In that spirit, the district continues to communicate with the Laurel Highlands Athletic Conference, PIAA, and we are scheduled to meet with district coaches this evening.  We will notify everyone immediately if there are any changes to the winter sports season and/or other activities.

In closing, we recognized the importance of in-person schooling and gave it all we had in support of face-to-face learning and creating some form of school-normalcy for those who wanted it.  Given the new limitations while considering the substantial amount of community spread, it is necessary to convert to fulltime virtual education and work collaboratively to make the education of your children and our students as successful as possible during these unique times.


Bedford Area School District Administrative Team