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Parents and Students

The Bedford Area School District hopes you are well and had a great holiday break!  We know many are eagerly awaiting the return of some form of face-to-face learning.  Like you, we value the in-person school experience and frankly, can’t wait until regular full-time in-person instruction returns!  Hopefully, 2021 will bring a change.

Currently, we continue to monitor Covid-19 data such as infection rates amongst our staff and/or any post-holiday surges in the community.  Barring any sudden changes in current trends, we are excited to announce a tentative plan to return to the Hybrid model beginning on January 19th.   Please remember the hybrid model is one week in person with the second week virtual.  Group 2 will be in person beginning on January 19th through the end of the week.   Group 1 will be virtual that same week.   The following week Group 1 will attend in person and Group 2 will be virtual.  We will continue to monitor a variety of data including infection rate amongst staff, infection rate throughout the community, and other schools’ experiences.  If we see a need to change this plan we will communicate it immediately, but for now, see you soon students!  

Additionally, we would like to remind everyone the district is required to follow state orders.  For example, students and staff must continue to wear masks.  Also, students and staff must continue to socially distance.  Finally, individuals must communicate any exposures or infections resulting from Covid-19 with the district so we can coordinate quarantines.  Please contact your building administration if you have any questions.  In closing, we are excited to offer Hybrid learning beginning on January 19, 2021.   We appreciate your support and understanding.  Please know there is nothing we want more than to see all our students safely at school on the same day in the near future!