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In our continued efforts to be transparent, the Bedford Area School District also endeavors to keep parents and the community informed.  Given that core value, we want to inform parents about an incident that occurred at Bedford Elementary School this morning. At 9:36 this morning, a parent dropped off their student without any signs of unusual behavior.  When we opened our security door, the parent became agitated and without any indication, the parent suddenly barged into the building with their student. We quickly enacted our security protocols and after a very brief disruption, we were able to contain the parent and remove them from our building.

We want our parents to know no students or staff were harmed during this incident and our security system did work to contain the parent quickly. Additionally, we want our parents and staff to know we take such incidents very seriously and are pursuing police charges through the Bedford Area School District Police Officer.  Also, we will issue a no trespass letter as an outcome of this incident.   We are very proud of our administration and staff who quickly resolved this situation.

The Bedford Area School District takes safety and security very seriously. We regularly train for such incidents, have a robust security system, and have invested considerable amounts of both district funds and grant funds into creating a safe and secure environment. It is our standard procedure to review all situations to identify strengths and/or areas for improvement in the future. If you have any questions regarding this incident, please contact the Bedford Elementary School Building Administration at (814) 623-4221.