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  The Bedford Area School District is very excited to announce a huge change to our food services!

Students, we actively listened to your thoughts and developed plans to create a new experience.  During the summer months, the district contracted with Nutrition Inc. to lead and manage our food services.  Nutrition Inc. brings considerable expertise and innovation to our district.  This year, high school and middles school students will experience the traditional lunch with increased options like pizza, burgers and/or chicken sandwiches everyday, chicken or ham pre-made salads daily and a cold sandwich option.  Athletes will have access to after-school snacks such as protein packs, wraps, yogurt parfaits, and sports drinks prior to their practices.  Elementary students will also experience new options like a hot alternative, pre-made salads and a deli sandwich daily.  Additionally, Nutrition In. hosts monthly thematic lunches such as a cook-out day with music and games.  They also offer monthly prizes.  Students will also experience decreased line-time allowing for more eating time.  Students’ voices will continue to be valued, every building will have a student advisory committee with monthly meetings to discuss ideas with our new food service manager, Leandra Shonts.  Let’s welcome Leandra to the district and support her in our mission to create a new experience.

Parents, Nutrition Inc. offers considerable information about food quality.  In addition to easy access to our menus from the individual building websites, Nutrition Inc. offers an app called NutriSlice with menus, nutritional information, and allergy information.  You can down-load the app from any app-store. 

We also want to take this opportunity to notify parents that for the 2021-2022 school year every student will receive one free breakfast and one free lunch daily.  Additional food purchases will require payment.  Please watch for upcoming information from our technology department about our new student information system and adding funds to your child’s lunch account.

In closing, we want our parents and students to know we endeavor to create the best experience possible.  We are optimistic our partnership with Nutrition Inc. will accomplish our goal of creating a great food service experience for our students.  Students, we look forward to seeing you soon!