Caring for People Serving Great Food

September 24, 2021



Dear Bedford Area School District Families,


As your school’s food service provider, our goal has always been to provide high-quality, nutritious, healthy, and well-balanced meals to your child.


Since the onset of the pandemic, we’ve all experienced shortages in the grocery stores and restaurants we visit. School food service is not immune to those same challenges. Occasionally you’ll notice changes to school menu options, or your child may tell you that a favorite menu item has been missing. We want to reassure you that your child will still be able to enjoy a nutritious, balanced quality meal daily.


For regular updates to your school’s menu, visit  Should you have specific concerns or questions, please reach out to your Food Service Director Leandra Shonts at


Thank you for entrusting us to serve your child, as well as your continued understanding and patience!

Leandra Shonts

Food Service Director