Basd Student web team

Meet the new student website team!  The team consists of Camryn Jones, Emily Casalena, Alysa Claar, David Tryon, Peri Bagley, Sara Hengst, and RueAnn Fisher.  These students help to make our building and athletic websites look the most up to date and keep the community informed.  

Meet the Team:

Hi!  My name is Camryn Jones and I am the leader of the Bedford Student Website Team.  I also work on the Bedford Elementary page with RueAnn Fisher.  I am a part of the school musical, Varsity Singers, and second runner up for the Bedford Fall Foliage Queen Competition.  

Hello, my name is RueAnn Fisher and I am also on the Bedford Student Website Team.  I work on the Elementary website with Camryn Jones. I am involved in FBLA, PAJCL, Reading Competition, Rotary Interact, NHS, and am the manager for Cross Country and Track.  I enjoy art, reading, movies, and history.  I enjoy writing and reading.  I also enjoy doing stuff with technology.  

Hi my name is Sara Hengst.  I like helping out especially with running the Bedford High School website with Alysa Claar. 

Hi my name is Alysa Claar.  I’m interested in the technical side of the website and hope I can go to school for IT.  I take a lot of tech classes and things such as running the Bedford High School website.  

Hello, my name is Peri Bagley.  I work on updating the Bedford School District website page with David Tryon and adding new information on a daily basis to keep our community up to date.  I am involved in the Bedford Varsity Volleyball and Softball team as well as Rotary Interact, SADD, NHS, and Bocce Ball. 

Hi, my name is David Tryon.  I work on keeping the district website updated and easy to use.  I am also in the building construction program at the Bedford County Technical Center.  

Hi! I’m Emily Casalena. I help run the Bedford Athletics Website. I also play tennis, am vice president of PAJCL, and am in NHS. 

If you have any questions, please see the emails and information below. 

Bedford Area School District: - Peri Bagley - David Tryon

Bedford High School: - Sara Hengst - Alysa Claar

Bedford Elementary School: - Camryn Jones  - RueAnn Fisher 

Bedford Athletics: - Emily Casalena