BASD school board

During the first week of December, the BASD school board swore in new board members. The BASD Board of Education met on December 8, 2021. During this meeting, four members were sworn in. Two were returning members: Mrs. Jill Clites and Mr. William Ross. Two brand new members were also sworn in: Mr. Jerry Bagley and Mr. Robert Koontz. 

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Row 1: Student Representatives Peyton Gable and Tess Koontz

Row 2: Mr. Jeremy Oldham, Dr. Sandy Mehalko, Mrs. Jill Clites, Dr. Casey Cover (Board Secretary)

Row 3: Mr. Jay Cessna (Vice President), Mr. Tom Bullington (President), Mr. William Ross (Treasurer)

Row 4: Mr. Robert Koontz, Mr. Jerry Bagley, Dr. Allen Sell (Superintendent), Mr. Deryl Clark