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The Bedford Area School District would like to thank our school community for an excellent year of education as we transitioned back to as much normal school as we could.  We are very proud of our students and community for the way they have remained strong and committed to education through some less than perfect times.  We are also proud of our administration, faculty, and staff for their diligent efforts to help our children and young people continue to grow. 

As we transition to summer vacation we look forward to seeing you all in August.  Please be safe this summer as you enjoy your time to refresh.  Parents and guardians please remind your children to be careful and safe as they go about the business of having fun this summer.  Remind them not to trust strangers too much either in person or online.  Social media has made it very difficult to tell who you are talking with online.  Remind them to be careful and mindful when swimming, riding ATV’s, or whatever they like to do.  Above all remind them to talk to you, to share their day, and to trust you to take care of them.  Until we see you when school starts again, have a wonderful safe summer.