Community School Excellence Council

Promoting a Community of Life Long Learners

Mission Statement

The mission of the Community School Excellence Council is to enrich our community by promoting educational excellence.

  • Promote the idea that education is the "heartbeat" of the community, essential to it's growth and success.
  • Foster educational excellence by partnering and maximizing public and business resources.
  • Nurture character development within the community and the school.
  • Promoting a community of continuous learners.
  • Promote the fact that schools are established by the community for the benefit of the community.
  • Superintendent: Dr. Allen Sell
  • President: Melissa Jacobs
  • Secretary & Treasurer: Karen Holler


Public Members
  • Jackie Beegle
  • Eric Zembower
  • Keenan Fink
  • John Topper
District Members
  • Dr. Allen Sell
  • Dr. Paul Ruhlman
  • Kyle Kane
  • John Diehl
  • Jeremy Oldham
  • Mike Trimeloni
  • Leslie Turkovich
  • Kevin Windows
  • Stephanie Leibfreid
  • Kevin Steele
  • Laura Vent

Dates: To Be Announced
Time: 8:00 AM
Location: Bedford High School Board Room

Character Education

B.E.S.T Program

Character Education
  • BEST - Bedford Elementary Success Training.
  • GOAL - To educate children in order that they may successfully live and prosper in our community and the world beyond.
  • TIME FRAME - The program is designed to teach one character trait every nine week period.
  • CONTENTS - This program is divided into four units. These sections are: Respect, Compassion/Empathy, Responsibility, Perseverance.

Each unit has an introductory poem and an animal character to represent the character trait. Community presenters introduce each new character trait at a school-wide assembly. Definitions and character qualities are listed for each unit. Each unit contains activities in the following categories: Introductory, Literature, Social Awareness, Videos, Art Activities, Games & School/Community/Parent Connections.

If you have any questions about the Character Education program at Bedford Elementary School contact: Joanne Bortz, Guidance Counselor at 623-4221

Link to the B.E.S.T webpage


The Scholarship Committee of the Community School Excellence Council is active in providing scholarship opportunities for students who seek to continue their education. This committee is committed to:

  • Raising the awareness of scholarship opportunities available through our membership in Scholarship America.
  • Providing timely and immediate access to scholarship opportunities to students.
  • Aggressively trying to secure more scholarships for students.

The CSEC searches for avenues for scholarship funding so that each student who has the desire, but needs assistance may continue their quest for learning. Promoting the mission of the CSEC with a strong motivation for success, the Scholarship Committee is working to strengthen our community, empowering one student at a time. For more information please contact the Bedford Area School District’s Superintendent at 814-623-4295.


Community School Excellence Council 

Scholarship Award

The CSEC awards scholarships to graduating HS Seniors each year. The scholarships range in amounts of $250 - $500 per recipient. The fund is generated through teacher payroll deduction contributions.

David Dwight Kimble Scholarship

1965 Bedford High School graduate David Dwight Kimble endowed the Bedford High School with a fund to award scholarships to students in the Business Education curriculum. Information regarding this scholarship can be obtained by contacting, Dr. Allen Sell - Superintendent.

David Kimble Scholarship Application


Every year the CSEC sponsors a sophomore student to attend the Youth Leadership Bedford County.(YLBC) offers a ten-month leadership training program for a select group of Bedford County high school sophomores. The program consists of team building activities and leadership training sessions that create an awareness of resources, services and issues specific to Bedford County.

Venture Grant

The Venture Grant was established to assist teachers in reaching their classroom objectives, giving a financial hand to aide in purchasing classroom materials. The Venture Grant has collected $9330.38 since its inception in 1998 and has given back to teachers $8550.46 in grants. The monies have been used for a wide range of materials. For example:

  • One second grade teacher applied for a grant to purchase "6 Plus 1 Traits" being used to improve writing skills.
  • A BMS physical education teacher received a grant to implement a "Sport Education Program" a school wide tournament.
  • The most recent grant was for the Freshman class at BHS for their "Pay it Forward" activity. After reading the novel Pay it Forward the class participated in a half day of community service.

Applications for the grants are available at the Administrative Office or you can open the below link. 
Venture Grant Application