The Bedford Area School District is committed to excellence in the special education area. There is a commitment to provide an education to children with disability in the least restrictive environment, keeping the best interest of the students in mind at all times. The District continues to make positive improvements to ensure what is most appropriate for students.

The Professional and Support Staff
of the Bedford Area School District are dedicated to providing quality programs to students with disabilities.

Gifted Education

The school district conducts screenings and evaluations for children who are thought to be gifted and in need of gifted education. The first contact for parents would be with your son/daughter’s classroom teacher and the school counselor.

Gifted programming is operated by the school district and focuses on enrichment and acceleration activities that supplement the regular education program.

Sources of Gifted Materials and Information

Parent Information and Training

Hi Parents, welcome to the parent information and training section of our website. Below are some links to parent information found online. Additionally, the Bedford Area School District offers at least three trainings for parents annually. The special education office will send letters letting you know the date, location, and time of the parent trainings.

Special Education Forms

PATTAN - Special Education Forms page - This website includes the special education forms used in Pennsylvania, including annotated forms to assist in understanding how forms may be completed and to learn what information may be included in each section of each form.