Bedford High School Scholastic Quiz Team

What is the world's largest landlocked country? The book Pride and Prejudice was written by what author? If you know the answers to these qestions and many more, you may be interested in the BHS Quiz Team. On this team, you use your brain and not your brawn! The members of the quiz team use their knowledge to compete in academic quiz tournaments where 4-member teams battle it out to see who can answer questions first. We travel to tournaments all over Pennsylvania. One of the main competitions is Scholastic Scrimmage, a fast-paced question and answer game, which features students from over seventy central Pennsylvania high schools. In each match, two teams compete to showcase their knowledge, recall and reflexes as they attempt to advance to the Grand Championship. The matches are taped and aired on WPSU.

If you would like more information please contact the Quiz Team coaches, Mrs. Jessica Pencil or Mr. Patrick Neff.

Answers to the above questions are Kazakhstan and Jane Austen.